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Leverage the Power of AI and Advanced Analytics with Equity Insider

Trade like a pro, taking advantage of AI-inferred market opportunities.

Leverage the Power of AI and Advanced Analytics with Equity Insider

Trade like a pro, taking advantage of AI-inferred market opportunities.

Preview Equity Insider*: Get the Inside Scoop on Public Filings

Whether you are an experienced trader or just learning the basics of equity investing, the goal remains the same—to win on every trade you make.


With Equity Insider, push the boundaries of what’s possible, combining innovative technology with a user-first approach to deliver never-before-seen, data-driven trading opportunities—and potentially more winning trades.


Equity Insider uses a combination of proprietary datasets and AI to infer public company financial results, bringing you one of the most powerful capital market trading tools ever.

*Equity Insider is under development and is expected to be available commercially in the fall of 2024.

  • Intuitive design

    Simplify your decision-making with a user-centric interface.

  • Real-time analysis

    Capitalize on timely opportunities with up-to-date data.

  • Personalized alerts

    Receive notifications tailored to your unique investment strategy.

  • User-friendly tutorials

    Use step-by-step guides to help you navigate the features of the application.

  • Customizable dashboard

    Arrange your view to prioritize what matters most to you.




Brokerage Platform Intergration

Be a Difference Maker. Lead with Confidence. Surpass Expectations.

For modern brokerage platforms, staying relevant means embracing innovation.

With Equity Insider’s integration, you are not just adapting—you’re helping redefine the future of equity trading.

Integrating Equity Insider isn’t just a move to keep up, but a statement that you lead.

Experience a suite of features that will not only enhance user satisfaction but can catapult you to industry leadership.

  • Plug & Play integration

    Seamlessly integrate Equity Insider into your existing platform.

  • Hassle-free onboarding

    Expect minimal downtime, maximum output.

  • Data-driven growth

    Leverage analytics to drive user engagement and increase profitability.

  • Stay ahead with updates

    Stay at the industry’s cutting edge with regular feature enhancements.

  • Dedicated support

    Provide a seamless user experience with 24/7 assistance.

  • Feedback-driven enhancements

    Your insights drive our upgrades, building out a product that resonates with users.

  • Client-centric training

    Customize our training sessions to ensure your team harnesses the full potential of Equity Insider.


Experience the Tenoris3 Advantage

Ready to dive deep into exclusive data that can help transform your strategies?

Let Tenoris3 guide your exploration.

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